Tax On Tax Off is a place to learn about how to save more of your hard-earned money from Mr Tax Man.

Tax On Tax Off is on a quest to reveal tax-saving strategies and tactics.
You already pay enough tax. This site will show you how to pay only the exact minimum that you need to.

Understand the IRS

This site is particularly relevant if you file taxes in the United States but if you live and work in other countries many strategies will be relevant to you and should inspire you to look into ways to lower your tax bill.

The writers of this site are informed and interested in tax, but cannot advise you for your individual circumstances. Please do contact a tax professional to discuss your own unique circumstances.

Meet the Founders

Connor McNeill

Connor McNeill is a qualified tax accountant working in California. Connor received his Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Saint Mary’s College of California.

While there, he was also the student body president and a two-time resident advisor. Connor is currently working on his Master’s of Science in Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

He is excited to be sharing his knowledge to help everyone better understand IRS tax law to ensure they are only paying the tax they need to.




Adam Piplica

Adam Piplica is a personal finance writer passionate about helping people become more conscious about their spending and saving habits.

Too often, we find ourselves in ‘defaults’ – spending and saving habits that may not be getting the results we want in the long term. However, once you understand what your ‘defaults’ are, you can adjust them  and get on track to meeting your financial goals.

A fan of financial automation, index-fund investing, and constant learning, he can also be found writing about personal finance and investing topics at Magical Penny.